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The Triumphant BLUE Santas

December 8, 2011

It was raining – torrentially. Think of the term ‘bucketing down’ then add a few more buckets! I’m talking about the TRO Santa Dash of course which despite being held on what is probably The Reader’s busiest day of the year (due to Penny and Ha’Penny Readings) was a resounding success! As the title suggests the Blue Santas stormed across the finish line first (obviously) and the reds, well, they were left behind (if only it was like this in real life.) We all enjoyed our running in the rain and raising money for the holiday for the looked after children we read with next year.

Santa Zoe and her little helpers

Completing the Santa Dash was such a good feeling. Being one of thousands of red and blue Santas it was great to be a part of that crowd, even though it was really windy, hail stoning and raining. It didn’t bother anyone about the rain as they were either raising money for a charity (like we were), or in memory of a loved one. The fact that everybody wanted to be a part of it was amazing and doing such a good thing kept people going despite the terrible weather conditions. Just before going up and across the flyover I couldn’t believe the amount of people that were there. I couldn’t get over the fact that supporters were standing on the pavements cheering complete strangers on. There was one guy who stood on a balcony holding a big sign post with the words ‘Santa is an Evertonian’. I don’t know about the reds but this certainly did please a lot of blues (including myself 🙂 ) , and people were looking up to and agreeing with him.

When the race was over, it was an achievement that felt really good. I felt pleased and proud not only of myself but for our team, we worked hard and we pulled it off together.

Thank you for supporting us as we raised a whopping £1,010! A very big giant, huge, massive, ginormous thank you to everybody. However, if you were meaning to donate and forgot to get around to it you could still donate to this cause here in hindsight – Thank you all and see you next year for more Santa Dashing goodness.

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  1. jane davis permalink
    December 8, 2011 11:03 am

    Well done, Santas ! Welldone niall and Eamee and the rest of the running team, and the fund-raising team for pulling it all together. Great cause and I hope to join you next year!

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